(Listed by the state from which they served. S.D.I means a signer of the Declaration of Independence.)

Jedidiah Brewster
Ichabod Fairman
Ebenezer Folsom
Aaron Hibbard
Richard Johnson
Joseph Kingsbury
Amos Kinne
Thomas Knowlton

Jourdan M. Mannering

John Groover
Benjamin Hart
Hosiah Layfield
Nancy Morgan Hart
Jacob Mercer

William Ayer
John Churchill
Benjamin Gates
Isaac Gibson
Eliphalet Graves
James Hazeltine
Abijah Joslin/Jocelyn
Jehiel Munger
Barthlolomew Raymond
Thomas Upham

James Drane, Sr.
Peter Koons
Ninian Beall Magruder
Samuel Magruder
James Winchester
William Young

North Carolina
Thomas Bazemor
Thomas Bazemore, Sr.
John Brewster
William Brewster
John Campbell
Ebenezer Fain
Thomas Futrell
Jourdan M. Mannering
John Moore
Samuel Sewell, Sr.
Nathaniel Vannoy

New Hampshire
Aaron Quimby
James Wilcox

New Jersey
John Henry Couse
Jonas Eylet
John Hart, S.D.I
John Mott
Detrich Struble
Abner Wade

New York
Josiah Gale
Henry Paddock
Philip Livingston, S.D.I
Uriah Rogers
Ensign Daniel Struble
Joel Tallmadge
William Tapp
Simon Van der Cook
Joseph Worden

Moses Andrews
John Claypoole
Peter Diener
Robert Fleming
Thomas Martin
James McCartney
John Shannon
John Henry Spyker
Benjamin Walker

Rhode Island
Lydia Calloway
Benjamin Gorton
David Richmond

South Carolina
Andrew Barry
Thomas Bell
Joseph Bouchillon
James Ford
William Thornhill

George Boone
Joseph Cabell
Richard Caloway
Aaron Collier
William Copeland
Samuel Cox
William Deu Pree
Jonathan Douglass
Thomas Dupree
Ebenezer Fain
Higgason Grubbs
Nathaniel Hart
Joseph Harvey
Christopher Irvine
George Kile
James Menees
Tharlton Payne
Henry Pendleton
Jenkins Phillips
Joseph Poindexter
Gottlieb Printz
William Porterfield
William Thomas
William Thornbury
Christopher Trinkle
John Van Cleave
Richard Wells
Henry Whiting

State Not Known
Henry Fry
Thomas Goodwin


The Patriots listed to the left are represented by their descendants in the El Marinero Chapter, NSDAR. The map below shows how many of these Patriots came from each state. Note how the state boundaries in 1783 were different from how they are today. Prospective members prove their lineage from only one Patriot to join the DAR. Lineages for additional Patriots in our families are proven with “supplemental” applications after the first one is approved. If you desire additional information about these Patriots, please refer to the Genealogy Research System (GRS) on our National Society website.

Photo courtesy of Mitchell Design

This is only a partial list since not all members have submitted their supplemental applications for this chart.